For Attorneys

Co-counseling, litigation support, troubleshooting.

Working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and legal systems adds an exciting and challenging dimension to the practice of law. Managing client expectations and communications within one’s own culture already require quite a bit of time and attention – then add a language barrier and a whole set of expectations about the way a legal system should work (and how it works at home), and we find ourselves wondering why clients are not responsive to our requests for information. Imagine how frustrating it is for our foreign clients to face these barriers and difficulties while involved with the legal system far from home.

Differences already start in the manner attorneys are retained, in our billing practices, the size of our contractual agreements – and particular attention should be paid to the differences in our legal systems when it comes to litigation – both criminal and civil.

If you are having trouble getting your clients to answer interrogatories or otherwise participate in their defense or prosecute their case, it may simply be a misunderstanding of the process.
We are available to consult with fellow attorneys who encounter challenging situations with their clients from civil law countries, particularly European jurisdictions. We understand and appreciate the backgrounds of clients from different cultural backgrounds, particularly Europe and speak fluent German.